King Canute Mentality

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve been frequently coming across individuals with what I call a King Canute mentality. One of my interest for more than thirty years has been in Amateur Radio. In recent times there’s been some very exciting and interesting developments in the field of digital communications. I’ve come across the argument “Yes but it’s not Amateur Radio” and frequently the same with photography “yes but it’s not photography” (whatever that is supposed to mean),ย  I can only assume they’re referring to Fox Talbot?!.ย  I’m getting pretty tired of these outdated and outmoded views.

As I move in to my 60th year I’m delighted to embrace and investigate new and exciting technologies, to “boldly go where not that many others have gone before” :).ย  I didn’t take my Amateur Radio License because I was in love with owning the equipment I took it because I enjoy interesting enjoyable and educational conversation with others around the world. Likewise I didn’t become interested in photography because Iย  sort after owning a camera.

Both my “radio” and photographic equipment are, and always have been, purely tools, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t care if the person that I’m speaking to is on a mobile phone connected by WIFI, a tin can and a bit of string or a traditional “radio” or that a photograph was taken on a mobile phone, a Box Brownie, a compact camera or a ยฃ2000+ DSLR, it’s the spirit of the thing that’s important.

They’ll always be those who try and turn back the tide and hold out there “their way is the only right way” but in the long term they’ll be swept away by the irreversible tide of change. I for one won’t be sorry to see their passing.

Kind regards


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