My new “old” camera bag

Hi, After experimenting with different camera bags I’ve returned to an old favourite of mine my Samsonite “Trekking” D-F/V2 camcorder bag. This bag is small (internal compartment size 15cm x 7cm x 10.5 cm), sturdy, lightweight (322 g), very well made, as you might expect from Samsonite and holds my OM-D E-M5 + HLD-6 grip with any of my lenses attached plus four additional MFT prime lenses in the main compartment and my filters, spare batteries and memory cards in the zip-up front compartment.One thing that I really like about this bag is its size, it can fit on the floor between your feet or compactly on your lap in a crowded train or bus. I’ve actually had this bag for about 15 years now and you can pick these up really cheap on e-bay etc..I’d thoroughly recommend this bag for mirrorless cameras and lenses as it is so small, tough and lightweight yet it can accommodate a lot of equipment. I’d rather have a lighter bag over a heavy bag, it doesn’t make sense to me having in-part chosen my camera and lenses for their lack of size and weight only to carry them around in a big, heavy camera bag. One final thing about the bag that I really like is that the zip-up “lid” opens away from your body which makes it pretty easy to insert and remove the camera without removing the bag from one’s shoulder. 51PDPY9PR3LI recently bought six of these Caden Neoprene pouch bags small size which snugly fit my M.Zuiko 12mm,17mm,25mm and 45mm lenses, Sigma 60mm and Samyang 7.5mm lenses all with their lens hoods attached. Four of my lenses in these pouches all fit into the above bag. You can buy two of these pouches on e-bay for as little as Β£1.99. I’ve seen the camera bags sold on e-bay for Β£10-Β£15 you could get the bag and 6 pouches for as little as Β£16-Β£21 and that’s pretty good value for money by anyone’s standards!. I have no connections with the manufacturers of any of the camera equipment referred to in this blog posting..