Some more black and whites – Spaces and Geometry.

Some of my more recent black and white architectural works exploring space and geometry indoors and outdoors.I prefer to keep the words to a minimum and hopefully let the photos speak for themselves.

“Fisheye Fun”, “Prepare to enter the Bubble Zone!”, “Walkways”, “Curves”, “Up, Down, Round and Around”, “Around, Round, Up and Down” and “Spaces in Between”.








Empty spaces – a very personal perspective

I don’t regard myself, if there is such a thing, as a natural blogger, so please bear with me as this is my first real blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the reasons that I so enjoy HDR photography is it’s ability to emphasise textures, wood, water, metal, stonework, leaves, you name it, anything with a texture . I also like geometry, angles, shapes etc. and solitude, empty places, seats, tables, buildings etc..ย  I seem drawn as if by a magnet to these subjects so the subject of these shots, as the saying goes is, “right up my street” :). Few of my photos have people in them and when they do it’s generally because it’s unavoidable :). I guess I’m just not a “people” photographer ๐Ÿ™‚ or rather they aren’t the “focus” (excuse the pun) of my interest.


“Empty Table and Upturned Flower Pot”

Thinking about this prompted me to put a new album together on my Flickr site entitled “Empty spaces – a very personal perspective” . I resisted the notion of calling it “the dark side of the force” because I thought that sounded too morose, in reality it’s just me exploring another fascet of my personality.ย  For these reasons it is probably my favourite album along with my “Abstractions – The light side of the force” album as I think that taken together they both say a lot about me as a person as reflected in much of my work ๐Ÿ™‚


“Ambling and Rambling”

I could have put 99% of my photos in this album but instead restricted myself to including a few of my public places devoid, or virtually devoid, of people shots.

One thing that surprised my was when I noticed that they are all black and whites. Maybe this isn’t a co-incidence, maybe I’m subconsciously choosing black and white to further emphasise the solitude and stark nature of some of these shots. Perhaps it strips away what I perceive as a layer of superfluous distraction.

Whatever, it has really focussed my attention (no pun intended) as I had never thought of things in quite this way before putting this album together!.


“A Quiet Morning at the Shopping Centre”