Four becomes five

Hi folks,

With careful consideration I have found a way to pack a camera body and five lenses into my small Manfrotto bag with only a tiny increase in weight as it still comes out at less than 1Kg. Three zooms and two faster primes.

4 becomes 5 _1

Lefthand side: PEN-F with Lumix 12-32 mm plus lens hood fitted.

Righthand side top layer: M.Zuiko 9-18 mm plus lens hood and Lumix 20 mm plus hood in a neoprene case.

4 becomes 5 _ 2

Righthand side bottom layer: my less frequently used Lumix 35-100 mm with hood reversed in a soft case and Lumix 14 mm plus hood (now swapped over for my M.Zuiko 45 mm) .

The thing in the middle is my LCD shade folded flat.

bag shot

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I think I’ve found my ideal travel tripod.

Hi folks,

I think that you all know that I’m always looking for a small lightweight tabletop type tripod to accompany me on my travels and I think this is my best effort yet, the Slik Multi Pod 3×4 Multi Purpose Compact Tripod Kit, catchy name ๐Ÿ™‚ , which incorporates a ball head. Tripods are not something that I often get very excited about but this one holds a lot of promise

slik 3

Tripod with integrated mobile phone mount, telescopic center column attachment/selfie stick etc., GoPro (I don’t have one) mount attachment thing or cold shoe mounting gear like perhaps a microphone, LED light or small field monitor etc.,ย  and mesh case. If you’re a Vlogger then this might well prove to be a very versatile setup.

slik 1

With legs not extended and mobile phone mount flipped up.

slik 4

With legs fully extended and mobile phone mount retracted as it would be to mount a camera. The large knurled knob makes tightening/loosening the tripod screw fairly easy.

slik 5

With tripod legs fully extended and center column extension fitted and not extended.

slik 6Center column/selfie stick fully extended. I wouldn’t risk one of my MFT cameras on this but it should be fine for smaller cameras like my TG-5 or a mobile phone.

slik 7

Mobile phone attached, you can see the cold shoe on the top of the mobile mount. This is where the GoPro attachment fits or maybe another cold shoe mounting device. I very rarely take pictures with my mobile phone, that’s what my cameras are for ๐Ÿ™‚ , but I know that an ever-increasing number of folks do, and it’s still handy to have an integrated mount for a phone, just in case.

slik 8

E-M5 mk II , grip and M.Zuiko 12-40 mm mounted with legs not extended. This is just about my heaviest combination of body and lens and it supports it well.

slik 9

As above with tripod legs equally fully extended. The legs don’t add much in height but they increase stability and can be individually adjusted in 5 locking stages to suit uneven surfaces.

slik 10

I think that it’ll also work well with my diminutive Tough TG-5 and you can of course also use the legs folded flat as a grip. I think that it’d also work as a chest pod. It’ll also be very useful in conjunction with the TG-5’s amazing telescope macro mode.

So a pretty versatile, well thought out, bit of kit. It wouldn’t be well suited for large, heavy DSLRs and/or lenses but it’s perfect for my MFT gear and also my TG-5. Lastly it very much ticks the “it has to be small and light” box. ๐Ÿ™‚

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An excellent blog post on the Olympus PEN-F

Hi folks,

I stumbled across this blog post and I’m in 100% agreement with this review, it pretty much echoes my experiences. A very thorough and interesting read.

Here’s one that I made earlier. Another HDR shot taken with the PEN-F and 12-32 mm. This took a while to do ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’m quite pleased with the result.



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“Passing Through”


I had to change trains in Woking Station and really liked the interesting architecture as Art Deco is a favourite of mine.


Kind regards, stay safe everyone.


“… for ever England”

Hi folks,

War memorial and bowling green. Guildford, Surrey. The title of course a reference to Rupert Brooke’s famous poem “The Soldier” as I thought this scene was so essentially English, the bowling green and the position of War Memorial so close to it.


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Bling Bling! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi folks,

For fun I designed my own personalised PEN-F lens cap stickers. Olympus want an arm and a leg for their PEN-F lens caps and I think that my design is snazzier and I have 20 of them to attach to different size caps as and when the mood takes me.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

pen-f cap

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