A simple little case to carry my spare batteries and a filter.

Hi everyone,

Using things that I had lying around I put my batteries into a small black ABS waterproof case and also my combined 58 mm CPL/Variable ND filter (+ 46 mm to 58 mm step up ring) into a small blue neoprene case that I can hang from my belt. The dual layers should keep the batteries bone dry in inclement weather and everything’s on my belt for easy access. A while back I also numbered my batteries for easy identification. Behind the foam rubber inserts are a couple of moist lens wipe sachets and a small microfibre cloth. I know my obsession with weather-proofing may, on occasions, seem like it’s bordering on the paranoid but, trust me, batteries are really not something that one wants to get wet and short circuit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kind regards


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