It’s a funny old game :)


I’ve just had my seventh work “explored”ย on Flickr. As many of you know I don’t very often produce absolutely “straight” photographic work which, on the whole, I think that Flickr explore seems to prefer so I’m always surprised and delighted when one of my works appear there. By way of a little celebration I thought I’d post them here in chronological order. The first work entitled “Last of the Summer Wine” is a pretty conventional work but still a surprise when it appeared in Explore.


And then came this work “Between the Ponds” which came as a real surprise as it’s an out and out, full on painterly work and generally-speaking more reflective of my style and interest.


The next two works “The colours of spring” and “Under Pressure!” again in a painterly style and, in the later case, ย the first of my “Klimtesque” style works to be explored.



This work, “Good Light” is a bit of both, certainly not an out and out straight work and not overtly painterly either., a sort of halfway house if you like and marks a bit of a change in my style.


My most recent explores ” Come all ye faithful” and “Dreamscape” have really pleased me as I think that they reflect the direction which my work has taken recently.

34683310491_436b626742_z (2).jpg

34911948860_328a0f5d96_z (1).jpg

Another place that I sometimes post my work to is to the Olympus Gallery. Understandably ย perhaps they nearly always favour straight photography as they’re a manufacturer of photographic equipment but it would be nice if they occasionally recognised that not everyone that uses their equipment produces conventional photographic works.

Kind regards

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