Rethinking my approach to HDR


I started thinking about how many shots and at what +/-EV settings I’ve been using. I have been taking a total of 5 shots at +/-2 EV. I’ve found that the -4 and +4 EV shots often don’t contribute much if anything to the final result and so changed over to just a total of 3 shots at +/- 2 EV. I think that I’ll stick with this for the time being and see what the results are like. This has a number of advantages for me.

  • saves 2/5ths more space on the HD card per “scene”.
  • Increases battery life accordingly.
  • Long-term it decreases equipment wear and tear.
  • Reduces long-term backup file storage space requirements.
  • Reduces subject movement (ghosting) between shots, important for me as I mostly shoot hand-held.
  • Reduces risk of camera movement (ghosting) between shots for the same reasons as above.
  • Means that the most underexposed shot can be taken at a higher shutter speed reducing possible camera-shake, again good when hand-holding.

I’ll post more when I’ve continued experimenting.


Hand-held 3 shot HDR I took the other day.

For comparison purposes, A single image from my visit to Strawberry Hill House and then the three HDR image (perspective corrected and slightly cropped) . The vignetting caused by a filter used with my 12mm lens.

Strawberry Hill House 1 Frame

Strawberry Hill House 3 Frame HDR.jpg

For anyone interested I’ve uploaded a full-sized image to my Flickr page which really shows the amazing resolving powers of the M.Zuiko 12-40mm lens. Shot taken at f5.6.

Best wishes


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