Out of time, out of money, out of luck and out of ideas.


I’ve tried just about everything that I can think of to try to promote my artwork but nothing seems to have worked. I’ve tried social media, creating my website, videos, virtual galleries, artist directories, limited time promotions, discount voucher codes, online shops and even giving it away but nothing has worked, nobody is very interested.

I am therefore clean out of time, out of money, out of luck and out of ideas. I think that I should perhaps face up to the fact that my work just isn’t very good and of very much interest. If you have any bright ideas on how I might promote my work more successfully then I’d really love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks and best wishes


PS. One new abstract work for the road “Ripples”


6 thoughts on “Out of time, out of money, out of luck and out of ideas.

  1. I can really relate to this. I only have been doing this for a short time but I already see how hard it is to promote art. Everybody loves it but there are ot very much people willing to pay for it. I happen to really like your work!

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    • Thank you very much,. very kind, it is very hard isn’t it to promote your work. I’m not expecting great things, not trying to get rich quick but rather I’ve been trying to take what is probably my last opportunity in life to actually do something creative, something of my own and something that I really enjoy and find amazingly interesting.

      As long as I can keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs I’m more than happy but the pressure and uncertainty is constantly increasing.

      All the very best of luck to you, I too enjoy your work, you have a lot of talent.


      PS. Love your deviantart page

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