New sites joined.

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Recently I’ve joined four new sites to help promote my work. You can now find information on me and my work me on bΔ“hance, UK arts directory, b Gallery and

Each of these sites has its own character and style and I’m very much enjoying them. is a very interesting site and I’ve already met up with many extremely interesting people from all walks of life and I’ve gotten more than 12,000 page view in the last couple of weeks which is considerably more than I’ve got on Facebook. The folks at b Gallery have been very helpful and friendly helping me to promote my work and they are very proactive on their member’s behalf. I’ve only been with UKAD and bΔ“hance for a very short while so I cannot speak as yet of these sites with any experience but they both seem very good at what they do. Basically I’m trying to get my name and work out there by whatever means (preferably free) πŸ™‚ that I have at my disposal. I’ve also spent a considerable time further developing my website and other social pages.

Kind regards


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