Photo Processing, how many ways do I love the?!.


I thought I’d write a few words about my love of digital photo processing. Below are two shots, the first is a SOOC or straight out of camera shot and the second, the same shot that I have processed. Whilst I much enjoy taking photographs I absolutely LOVE processing them. This is the bit that really gets my creative juices flowing, the stage whereย  I can go in pretty much any direction that I wish. My work has been catalogued as pictorialist, abstract,ย  post-modern, neo-impressionist etc.. and that’s beacuse I don’t have one processing style. I like to think of my myself as a digital artist, not because it sounds pretentious, but because as soon as I start processing an image it changes from absolute reality to an altered reality, one of my choosing.

I wish that I could paint but, “I can’t” (said in an Orville the duck voice). I was absolutely rubbish at art at school, I can’t draw to save my life so when I first discovered photography many years ago, it really gave me an outlet for my artistic interest. I so wish that digital photography had been invented then as the final results often disappointed when the shots came back in the post from a cheap processing lab. They were set in stone and that was it with no opportunity to do any more than occasionally put the better ones in an album. Theย  second shot shown below has had the sensor noise removed, although minimal at ISO 200, been sharpened and a couple of filter effects added. Pretty straightforward stuff but I hope it serves as an example of how, with a little work, one can take and ordinary shot and make it less ordinary, not a masterpiece by any means but maybe more interesting than the original.

Best wishes


Edit: Actually the detail was there in the sky all the time but you just couldn’t see it.