Retro Me!


Yesterday I set out to take some new photos looking a bit like an extra from the movie “Serpico”. I took someΒ  classic 1970’s vintage rock music with me and thought it’d be fun to do a “film look” 3×2 shot. Put the clock back fourty-odd years, swap my digital cameras for my old Olympus OM 35mm film cameras, my I-Pod for my Walkman and my grey hairs for brown and I was back to the “analogue” days of my youth when I didn’t “Fear the Reaper” πŸ™‚

PS. It occurred to me how liberating (and cheaper) digital is vs the old analogue days of film, cassette tapes etc.. I can now carry around with me literally thousands of hours of music and the ability to capture thousands of images on a card no bigger than a postage stamp with equipment that is compact and lightweight, of course the “digital generation” wouldn’t know any different but I for one appreciate the difference..

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