Nearly back


Hi everyone,

I’m nearly back to health after three weeks plus suffering with acute bronchitis which has really knocked me out big time. I haven’t felt this bad in years and, after two courses of antibiotics and an inhaler I’m happy to say that I’m nearly back to strength. For this reason I’ve not been out to take any new pics for about a month and that’s been very frustrating. I very much hope to get out over the Easter weekend providing the weather isn’t too bad which will give me the opportunity to try out my new “second” camera. I’ve just purchased an Olympus Pen E-PL5 and VF-4 electronic viewfinder to go with my OM-D E-M5. I chose this model primarily because it has the same sensor and image processor as the E-M5 and will take all my micro four thirds lenses and accessories. I thought it would make a good backup camera and maybe an alternative camera if I wanted to travel very light. So far I’ve only had the opportunity to take a few test shots but I’m very impressed with it. Hope to be back soon with some new work.

Best wishes

Leigh .

One thought on “Nearly back

  1. I spoke too soon, just had a bout of Labrythitis causing vertigo, dizzyness and nausea etc.. Now got some more tablets for that. Horrible sensation with room spinning round and round and my balance all over the place. This can come on after things like my Bronchits Been taking some motion sickness tablets which are helping. Finally looks like I can get out and take more photos before I end up chewing the carpet :).


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