I’ve been Scanned!

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A warm welcome to my blog and to my Flickr friends who scanned me :). I love Flickr, it is a great site to post my work and admire the work of many very talented, creative and imaginative photographers and artists but I also wanted somewhere where I could talk about photography and occasionally express a few of the thoughts and feelings behind my work. Nothing too heavy, nothing deeply philosophical, just somewhere where I could collect my eclectic thoughts and ramblings :), oh, and here’s a new abstract work titled “Through The Keyhole and Beyond” taken with my Samyang fisheye lens. I thought this might make an interesting subject the way that the pond and surrounding hedges remained round whilst the foreground pathway splayed out to form a sort of flattened keyhole shape.


Best wishes…Leigh

Me Scan-Scan-Page-Color

PS. How do I get out of this maze? ๐Ÿ™‚