What’s in a style?

Some photographers and artists whose works I greatly admire have a very definite “style” or “genre” and if one likes their style then it almost psynonemous that one will like pretty much everything that the artist produces.

My problem is that I don’t consider myself as having a style, is this, I wonder, a weakness or a strength?. Every time I have attempted to stick to one style, black and white, abstract etc. I get extremely bored very quickly. and yet when I’m 100% absorbed in creating a work I have infinite patience. Photography and art go hand in hand for me, I get a lot of pleasure in finding and capturing the subject but for me the real enjoyment starts once I start processing.

I genuinely rarely know what type of work will emmerge from the processing stage. The one thing that I do hope is that, if I have a style at all it is a reflection of the amountย  of thought that I give to the processing and creation of my work.


“Pier Pressure”


“Totally Despicable”


“Lines – De La Warr Pavillion – Abstract”


“Eye Tech”


“Up, Down, Round and Around”


“Autumnal wall leaves – Pastel, Abstract”


“Walking the dog”