To HDR or not to HDR

I’m a big enthusiast of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. Most of the shots that I take are taken and processed as five-frame bracketed HDR shots. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to do a comparison between aΒ  non-HDR shot and the same scene shot and processed as HDR from a 5 frame bracketed set. I have deliberately kept the post-processing to an absolute minimum and only adjusted the brightness and contrast in both shots to the same degree.



The colour saturation in the second shot is a bit too high my personal tastes but I think that they make an interesting comparison. I would have also most likely have processed this shot as a black and white HDR something like this.


If you are interested in HDR photography there is plenty of information if you Google HDR. I prefer to hand-hold my camera in Aperture Priority mode and try and ensure that the slowest shutter speed is high enough to avoid camera shake which is greatly aided by the OM-D E-M5’s amazing five-axis image stabilisation. Remember that the slowest shutter speed in a five-frame +/-2 EV bracketed set will be 2 stops slower that the shutter speed indicated when you compose the slot.

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